We offer FREE – NO OBLIGATION Consultations on Building Your New Home. We can build “Our Plans” or “Your Plans”… on “Your Lot or Our Lot.” Homeowners, Call us today for consultations and information on building your new home.

Land Owners

Are you interested in developing your property into residential or commercial development? Contact us today for a confidential free consultation.


Real Estate investment opportunities are available for significant Return on Investment. Real estate investments have historically produced more security for capital than other investment options. As Equity Investors with both Exuma Construction and Development LLC and Leadership Housing LLC, (our sister company) on Value-Added Real Estate opportunities, you can realize a better ROI than placing your funds in CD’s or money market funds. We also entertain inquires for Joint Venture development opportunities. All inquiries held in strict confidence.

Call us today at 346-237-9400 for more information.

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